A disruptive startup in the financial credit reporting industry

We’re re-inventing financial credit reporting to be fair, secure, and transparent for everyone by tapping into the next-generation power of cryptography, blockchain, and machine learning technology.

20% of U.S. adults lack enough credit data to generate a credit score. Low-income populations and communities of color are especially hit hardest.

Meanwhile, credit scores affect more than just buying power,  they’re often reviewed with housing and job applications.

Crediture’s mission is to make credit reporting fair, secure, and transparent by harnessing advancements in computing technology.

The Crediture mobile app is an encrypted data vault holding your financial details. You choose what parts of your data to share, with whom, and when to revoke access.

Data shared with a lender during the loan application can’t be sold-out by the lender. Your personal data is also protected from widespread data breaches.

Our credit scoring engine applies machine learning to evaluate thousands bank records and credit card statements for a single borrower.

We evaluate income stability, spending habits, and affordability. Seasonal workers who spend less during off-season months are lower credit risk than those who spend the same throughout the year.

Our dynamic workflow engine enables lenders to set approval and denial rules based on underwriting policies and then simulate how effective those rules are before they are put into practice.

Institutions, like banks, can approve more loans without significantly increasing risk.

Our credit transaction ledger is a public blockchain that records all transactions on the platform.

Transparency in credit reporting makes it easier to spot reporting errors and create analytics to gain industry insights, like spending trends.

Small businesses also face challenges when it comes to credit accessibility, fairness, and data security.

Crediture applies the same technology that helps individuals to benefit small businesses.

When more individuals have access to credit, economies grow.

Better predictions around credit trustworthiness result in lower priced loans, more accessibility, and less defaults.

Learn how advancements in cryptography, mobile computing, machine learning, and blockchain are working together to bring improvements to credit reporting for borrowers, lenders, and economies as a whole.

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