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evaluating small business credit risk based upon performance

We apply data analytics to financial transactions, public records, and social media data to evaluate financial performance and credit risk.

collecting borrower information with hyper-focus on user experience

We accelerate small business borrower intake from weeks to days.

Our customers easily create dynamic loan applications that accelerate their intake process. Borrowers are able to complete applications faster via Web browser, mobile app, or messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

applying data science to analyze diverse data sources

We save time spent reviewing bank statements, spreading, and calculating key metrics.

We apply the latest machine learning, statistical, and behavior science techniques to a variety of data sources, including financial transactions, public records, social media data, and values collected on your own custom forms, all on a powerful cloud computing platform.

providing accurate insights for quick decisions

We make it easier to base lending decisions on the borrower’s financial behavior to minimize loan defaults.

We convert unstructured borrower data into actionable insights, including income and expense consistency, affordability, transaction outliers, and more to make credit risk decisions faster and more accurate. Crediture can integrate into your preferred underwriting software via API or you can make use of our rule-based credit approval recommendation engine.

recommending optimal pricing and repayment terms

We eliminate the guesswork of optimal interest rate and repayment terms.

We evaluate income cycles, spending patterns, and overall affordability to determine what a borrower can afford and recommend ideal repayment terms that minimize late payments and defaults.

Learn how Crediture applies a borrower-centric user experience to data collection and advanced data science to multiple data sources for credit risk analysis.

Email us at:

900 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 100 – Campbell, CA 95008 – USA
+1 408.357.9007