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small business credit risk powered by AI

We built industry-leading AI models on top of macroeconomic data to evaluate how a business performs in different market conditions.

collecting borrower information with hyper-focus on user experience

We accelerate borrower intake from weeks to days through natural and supportive conversational AI.

applying data science to analyze diverse data sources

We save time spent reviewing bank statements, spreading, and calculating key metrics.

providing accurate insights for quick decisions

Easily interact directly with our AI models using our SaaS Web app, Report Builder, or ReST API.

recommending optimal pricing and repayment terms

Our generative AI creates hundreds of loan repayment scenarios to find the terms with the lowest likelihood of default.

Learn how Crediture applies industry-leading AI to massive data sources with a borrower-centric experience for unmatched credit risk analysis.

Email us at:

900 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 100 – Campbell, CA 95008 – USA
+1 408.357.9007