Crediture Elevate®

Borrower Solutions Suite

Elevate your credit to highs

The Crediture Elevate® mobile app for iOS and Android presents your Crediture Score® along with all the factors that went into calculating it. It offers guidance around how to adjust your spending to improve your credit standing. Crediture Elevate® also enables you to hold on to your own private financial data and securely apply for credit.

Keeping your personal financial data secure

Crediture pairs the power of mobile computing with strong encryption to provide everyone with the ability to store their personal financial data on their phone. Data is accessed by biometric authentication, such as facial recognition or fingerprint verification and secured by military-grade encryption. 

So much power within a
little mobile app

The Crediture Elevate® mobile app gives you direct access to your predictive Crediture Score and view the factors that went into its assessment. You can also view your historical credit transactions on the Open Credit Blockchain® to spot and reconcile possible reporting errors. And you can securely apply for credit knowing that your personal financial details can’t be shared or sold by the creditor.

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