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Say Goodbye to the Old Credit System

We’re re-inventing financial credit reporting to be fair, understandable, and secure for everyone by tapping into the next-generation power of cryptography, blockchain, and machine learning technology.

Blockchain Powered

Your credit data is protected from data breach by employing our blockchain technology to encrypt financial transactions.

Encrypted Distributed Data

All personal financial data is encrypted and stored on your own phone and only you choose who to share it with and when.

AI Powered Scoring

Our credit scoring engine applies the latest machine learning technology to build a personal predictive model and analyze credit worthiness.

Build Your Credit with Us

Crediture offers more borrower advantages over existing credit bureaus with a fair, easy to understand, and secure platform that recognizes your whole picture. We factor your everyday income and expenses, including rent, utilities, and subscriptions, to complete a picture of financial trust even with little or no credit history.

More Trust = Better Starting Rates = A Better Credit Future

You may have strong financial trustworthiness, even with little or no traditional consumer credit. We put the spotlight on that.
Your credit grade is clearly presented and always freely accessible with clear explanations why your grade rises or falls.
You can skip the long application forms and easily from our mobile app for different types of loans directly from your phone.
Your personal financial data is secure and stays with you, on your phone. You choose what to share and with whom.

Creditor Advantages

Credit reporting bureaus look at past financial data. We build a complete predictive financial model of our consumers and apply personalized analytics to evaluate credit worthiness and establish a trust relationship between creditors and consumers.

More Consumer Insights = Competitive Rates = Lending Advantage

Reach the mobile-first generation with greater confidence.

Set competitive rates with first time borrowers that have little or no existing credit.

Reduce risk of fraud and loss with advanced profile analysis.

Easily integrate with your own workflow or business process with Crediture Connect®, our open API.

Modernizing Credit Analysis and Reporting

Crediture applies the most advanced computing technology with breakthroughs in blockchain cryptography, machine learning, and social graphs to produce the fairest, safest, and most effective credit analysis and reporting platform.

Our blockchain ledger encrypts and secures financial, social, and personal data and enables consumers to share only what they want to share. Large scale data breaches simply aren’t possible with Crediture.

Our analysis engine generates a personalized predictive financial model for every consumer based on a complete picture, including income, subscriptions, and social profiles.

Our AI compute platform calculates a fair and unbiased credit grade with a system that can fairly assess the reliability of new borrowers with little or no existing credit.

Take the Credit You Deserve

Start now to take control of your financial growth and security.

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