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Evaluating credit risk by predicting borrower financial behavior

We’re making credit accessible to everyone by tapping into the next-generation power of cryptography, blockchain, and machine learning technology.

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Nearly 50 million U.S. adults lack enough credit data to generate a credit score. Low-income populations and communities of color are especially hit hardest.

Meanwhile, credit scores affect more than just buying power,  they’re often reviewed with housing and job applications.

Crediture’s mission is to make credit accessible to everyone by evaluating their individual financial behavior and determining overall credit risk.

The Crediture Score® complements the traditional FICO® credit score to provide creditors and lenders with a complete borrower picture and approve more loans faster without a significant increase in risk.

Crediture Elevate®, our mobile app, is an encrypted data vault where borrowers hold financial details, choose what data to share, with whom, and when to revoke that access.

Creditors are free from the responsibility of managing sensitive personal data and the liability that comes with potential widespread data breaches.

Our credit scoring engine applies machine learning to evaluate thousands of bank and credit card statements for each borrower.

We evaluate income consistency, spending patterns, and overall affordability across 800 data features to determine what a borrower can afford and optimize what a creditor can safely charge.

Crediture Decisions® is our dynamic recommendation engine that enables creditors and lenders to set approve and decline rules based upon underwriting policies and then simulate how effective those rules are before they are put into practice.

Institutions, like banks and auto dealerships, can approve more loans without significantly increasing risk and safely fulfill growing federal regulation around fair-lending requirements.

Our Open Credit Blockchain® transaction ledger makes credit data securely accessible to everyone to spot reporting errors early when they are easy to verify and correct.

We have a growing list of data furnishers from a variety of credit industries sharing monthly credit reporting data. In addition to contributing to credit fairness and equality, our data furnishers receive analytics derived from the data they share.

Small businesses also face challenges when it comes to credit accessibility, fairness, and data security. Typically, small business loans are based on the personal credit score of the owner and not the health of the business.

Crediture applies the same proprietary technology that evaluates individual financial responsibility to small businesses to accelerate small business lending.

When more individuals have access to credit, economies grow.

Better predictions around credit trustworthiness result in better priced loans, more accessibility, and less defaults.

Learn how advancements in cryptography, mobile computing, machine learning, and blockchain are working together to bring improvements to credit reporting for borrowers, lenders, and economies as a whole.

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